Functional Detox For Increased Energy & Weight Loss

Metabolix Health will create a personlized and clinically safe functional detox plan that you can fit into your busy life. 


Our health is bombarded by daily exposure to environmental toxins. We encounter them in food, water, and air, contributing greatly to chronic illness and health challenges. That’s why specialized lab testing and a personalized functional detox plan are crucial for restoring your health. Consult Metabolix Health for effective strategies and guidance on your health journey. 

How YOU Can Benefit From Learning About functional Detox

Detoxing your body doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of good food and beverages and dealing with unpleasant side effects. Instead, by taking a functional approach to detox, you can support your body’s natural ability to detox, while still experiencing the health benefits associated with improved diet and lifestyle habits.

Increased Energy

Toxins make you fatigued and sluggish. Working with a functional health professional on a safe and effective detox program will help you enjoy increased energy to do the things you want to do.

Weight Loss

Toxins are held inside your fat cells as a protection. A safe detox program personalized for your health will help to safely remove toxins from your fat cells allowing for weight loss.

Better Skin

Skin issues are often due to a toxic burden that can be related to mycotoxins or heavy metals. We can help you detox for clearer and younger skin.

Cleanse The Functional Health Way

Learn how to use functional nutrition and lifestyle changes to reduce your toxic exposure and improve your detox pathways.

Gaining Balance with a
Functional Approach to Detox

Functional detox is about removing the toxic overload and burden from your cells safely and orderly through your lungs, skin, kidneys, lymph, and gut. There are three major detox routes: stool, sweating, and urine. 

Sweating would be through infrared saunas or exercise.

Are you drinking plenty of water so that you can remove water-soluble toxins?

Are you having 2 -3 good bowel movements per day? 

Mycotoxin and heavy metal detox rely on the gut to work well to avoid overburdening other body systems and safely remove these severe toxins.  

Knowing the sources of toxins and their effects on your body is essential for successful detoxification. Being aware of these sources daily will allow you to determine which steps are necessary to properly care for and support yourself through a functional approach to detox. Common sources of toxins found in a person’s environment may include air pollution, water pollution, and chemicals in personal care products.  

Incorporating regular detoxifying activities into your day-to-day life, such as dry brushing, hot and cold showers, sweating, juicing and even exercising can help boost the effectiveness of your detox journey. 

Dry brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system for improved elimination of toxins. Hot and cold showers can help promote circulation in tissues that might be blocked or congested with wastes. Juicing provides a major nutrient boost to supplement what may have been depleted from years of toxin exposure. 

And exercise promotes the movement of these toxins through the body to their eventual sites of elimination.

Rejuvenate Your Body

Start your journey to safe functional detox and rejuvenate your body by reading our articles. By taking a functional approach to detox, you can support your body’s natural ability to purify itself, while still experiencing the health benefits associated with improved diet and lifestyle habits.

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