Hi, I'm Clare Kelway

I am a Board certified holistic nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, mom with a litany of reversed health issues that led me to changing career and finding my tribe. I am also known as “The Metabolix Coach”. 

I am Clare Kelway, a nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner. For over 20 years, long before it was fashionable, I have inspired clients to gain back their health by dealing with their belly bloat, digestive discomfort, and blood sugar.

I am driven to help YOU feel confident and sexy again!

My passion for this work evolved from my own story. In my 20’s, like many other ambitious young professionals, I led a fast-paced life. I burned the candle at both ends. I had no idea that I was suffering from chronic stress and IBS, and this was having a detrimental effect on my digestion, hormones, and metabolism.

In my early 30’s, I suddenly fell ill with an undiagnosed virus which left me with chronic fatigue, depression, and digestive distress. I went from doctor to doctor and they all told me the same thing: “your labs are normal and we don’t think there is anything wrong with you.” But I knew there was SOMETHING wrong with me. I lay on a couch and thought that life as I knew it was over.

Then, I read a book about holistic health and healing and discovered that there might be a different way. I consulted various holistic medicine practitioners, and I began to learn the extent of my broken metabolism, hormonal imbalances, and digestive challenges.

I learned about the chronic effects of my traumatic childhood and how I had avoided facing my emotional distress. I had replaced my emotional feelings with a burning ambition to climb the corporate ladder.

Did you know that success can be an addiction? I decided to take responsibility for my life. It took 18 months to turn my health around, but the journey showed me a completely different way of living and paved the way for my next chapter.

I trained and qualified as a homeopathic practitioner. After moving to the US, I trained further in functional medicine and nutrition. 

Never before has the Functional Medicine approach to health been more important. You cannot leave your life in the hands of a broken medical system if you want to enjoy your God-given right to vitality and great health.

I started Metabolix Health, a virtual Functional Medicine consultancy based in Erie, Colorado. We create a safe and trusting environment for our clients. We have worked with over 1000 clients in a collaborative effort to uncover root causes of their symptoms and help them regain their health.

If you are looking for a dedicated, empathetic and experienced team then Metabolix Health is here for you.

We will review your health history; analyze your genetics along with your environmental exposures, run metabolic and gut labs (unlike anything your medical doctor checks), and design a full program for you that includes a personalized meal plan designed just for you, lifestyle adjustments, and clinical nutrition.

  • Educating YOU on the WHY behind your health symptoms so when you hit the inevitable roadblocks, you will feel confident to keep moving forward because you understand WHY you are doing it and the long-term benefits to your life.
  • Lifestyle interventions are often completely overlooked and treated as irrelevant by traditional medicine. We work with you on your food plan, focus on gut health and blood sugar, and coach you on lifestyle habits and mindset shifts.
  • Gut health and metabolism imbalances cannot be treated as separate problems. You are one innate intelligence made up of cells, tissues, organs and systems. At Metabolix Health, we specialize in helping you put the pieces of your health puzzle together.