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Functional Metabolism expert, Clare Kelway offers virtual webcam consults from the comfort of your office, home or car. We specialize in metabolic issues, insulin resistance reversal, hormones and detoxification. 

 We also offer lifestyle coaching including mindset, dietary interventions and the latest longevity strategies to help you LIVE LIFE WELL.  

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Metabolix Health is a leading virtual practice of functional health solutions focused on hormones, permanent weight loss and blood sugar management. We are passionate about health and well-being and are committed to improving the lives of everyone in our sphere. Don’t be one of the 92% of Americans with poor cardiometabolic health – you can reverse this statistic. Let us show you how. 

Our Founder and Clinical Director, Clare Kelway found herself suffering from several autoimmune conditions that were caused by detox pathway issues and insulin resistance. Our in-depth approach combines decades of experience in natural health solutions and advanced functional testing. By focusing on why you have symptoms in the first place, we teach you the why behind your symptoms so together we create a managed care plan for you.

Clare Kelway is a Homeopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 80-100 Million Americans suffer with some degree of non-alcoholic fatty liver which is causing weight gain, insulin resistance and metabolic mayhem. Are you one of these? No wonder you are so tired and stressed out!  Schedule a complimentary call with us to find out. 


In Our Clients' Own Words

“I have known Clare for about 10 years. I have always been impressed with her knowledge in the natural health area. I am 61 years old but over the last 5 years, I have not been able to lose weight and feel healthy.

Even though I tried everything! Gym 5 days a week, Keto diet, other diets and tried to stay healthy with a hit and miss process. Of course, that never worked for long. So, when I reached out to Clare for help. She was amazing!

She put me on a program and gave lots of guidance throughout the whole process. After 2.5 months, I was able to lose 20 pounds and my energy level is back like I’m 40 again. ”

Beth S.

“I reached out to Clare in May 2021 hoping that she would help me discover what was causing my severe and years-long struggle with acne. I wish I had found her sooner! Clare led me into a whole new world of understanding my body, what's going on in my gut, and what it needs in order to function well. I so appreciate how she shares her knowledge with compassion and genuine care. Clare has walked with me through every part of the journey, intentionally explaining what and why we're doing what we're doing. I've experienced healing in my gut, and my skin is healthier than it's been in a long time through Clare's help. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants to feel healthy and well. She's truly amazing! ”

Christy F.

“Clare has shown me how important and life-changing functional medicine is. I came to her a year ago exhausted, discouraged, and STUCK. She was able to give me answers for why I felt the way I did and create a health plan curated specifically for me. It has not been without hard work and big changes in my lifestyle that is still continuing, but I wouldn’t trade back any of them for the way I’m feeling now.

Clare is a passionate supporter of women’s health and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for answers! ”

Leah B.

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