Clare Kelway's approach to

Functional Health

Inspiring you to take a symbiotic journey of new thoughts, new habits, new daily commitments to your life including movement, diet, stress management and community. 

Tired Of Seeing Doctor After Doctor,

And Still Not Feeling Better?

Have you been dealing with chronic health issues seemingly forever? Do you feel like you’ve literally “tried everything” and are tired of seeing provider after provider, and yet still not feeling any better?

We see this all the time – people just like you who have been from doctor to doctor… yet not getting the answers on why they aren’t feeling right.

We want you to know that healing is possible. When you partner with Clare Kelway who is asking the right questions, you can finally get to the root of what is causing your dis-ease, helping you pinpoint the specific imbalances that need to be addressed to get you back on track living the vibrant life you deserve.

Yet this type of approach isn’t commonplace, and that’s likely the reason why you may have struggled needlessly… until now.

When you partner with Metabolix Health, we will create a personalized care plan incorporating lifestyle modifications, nutritional & mindset coaching along with appropriate pharmaceutical-grade supplements to restore your body’s innate healing potential.

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Rather than matching symptoms with functional assessments, our in-depth evaluation and advanced lab testing will give us a much more complete picture of what triggered your specific physiological imbalances that caused your symptoms in the first place. Here’s some chronic complaints below that can benefit from a Functional Medicine approach.

Why Partner With Clare Kelway,
Functional Medicine Practitioner?
Clare Kelway Functional Medicine practitioner
Asked questions

If you’re tired of shuffling from doctor to doctor without ever getting the results you are seeking, and if you want to optimize your health holistically through sound lifestyle and dietary modifications, advanced lab testing and mind-body techniques without unnecessary medications, then our program may just be what you’ve been looking for. However, it takes a serious commitment with our support to make the lifestyle changes necessary to transform your health once and for all.

As a prospective client, you may wonder about additional costs not included in our program fee. We know that you’ve likely been to other providers before that may have already run lab tests. That’s why during our comprehensive intake consultation, we will review any existing lab results – so that we can determine if additional, more advanced lab testing is needed to confirm underlying root causes. In terms of supplements, we may recommend certain pharmaceutical-grade supplements for a limited time to support your body’s innate healing process. But long-term, we believe that supplements can’t make up for a poor diet and lifestyle – so our intent is to get you off unnecessary supplements and prescription drugs (as directed by your medical doctor) as soon as possible.

During the free Health call, we’ll determine whether partnering with our team is the best next step for you. We’ll go over any questions you may have about our approach, and how it differs from what you’ve tried before – so you feel comfortable about the journey ahead. If it isn’t the right fit for you right now, then we can help direct you to online education resources that can help you.

Ahead of the initial paid appointment, you will complete our extensive background history forms so that we can properly review your history and lab results ahead of your appointment. During the appointment, we will together review your completed intake form, medical history, current and past lab tests – as well as any medications taken, so that we can arrive at a baseline assessment of your overall health and nutritional status. If needed, we may decide on more advanced lab tests to confirm (or rule out) root causes, so we can create a personalized treatment protocol individualized for you.You will also meet with our nutrition and lifestyle coach as part of your intake so you can get started with the lifestyle changes. 

Testimonials From Clients

“Thank you for giving me your hand at a time when all other doors of medicine were closed!”

Thank you for giving me your hand at a time when all other doors of medicine were closed! Thank you for giving me back my sleep at night, and the insomnia is already in the distant past! I’m so happy that I just wake up every day with a smile and hope like it’s Christmas.

People who sleep peacefully at night have no idea how lucky they are! Thank you for the fact that dizziness, fatigue, and depression are behind me and most of all thank you for being by my side. I know that I am not alone this time. I know it will be long, I know it will involve many trials and I will be taking lots of supplements, but I know, for the first time in my life, that this is the right path and I will take every step with you.

Thank you, Clare, you are my guardian angel!

Dina V.

“After seeing several doctors and receiving the wrong diagnosis, I gave up on regular doctors.”

After seeing several doctors and receiving the wrong diagnosis, I gave up on “regular doctors.” A friend suggested I see Clare and my life hasn’t been the same since! Clare discovered the “skin issue” that I had been struggling with. As we dug through the layers of my health we built a friendship. While I was ready to give up on everyone and everything, Clare never gave up on me. She pressed on to find answers and products to help me. She taught me about nutrition, health, supplements, and how to care for my family naturally. My 10-year-old is also a client. With some minor diet changes and supplements, he has been off of ADHD medication for a year. My case is very challenging and I am not healed yet, but I’m better than I used to be and every day I move one step in a positive direction to get my life back.

Laura R.

“From the first moment Clare exuded empathy and a real desire to help me realize my health goals."

From the moment Clare appeared on the screen during our virtual appointment, she exuded empathy and an earnest desire to help me realize my health goals. She confidently conveyed how she could help me regain my menstrual cycle and manage my anxiety and insomnia.

Through key lab tests, Clare discovered the biological root cause of my symptoms and not only gave me several supplements to balance hormones and replenish depleted nutrient stores but also encouraged some critical lifestyle changes. She delivers her advice with such compassion! I’ve been on my protocol for a month and a half now and feel better than I ever have in my adult life. I’m so grateful for the steady energy and mood that I can count on throughout the day.

Suzzane R.