Restore Gut Health to fix Root Causes Of Your Health Issues

Learn how to make lifestyle changes, supplementation and dietary changes to radically restore gut health.


Maintaining a healthy gut is crucial for preventing diseases and managing various health symptoms. It serves as the starting point for many health challenges and is often associated with inflammation. Functional Medicine offers a comprehensive approach to restoring digestive health incorporating lifestyle modifications, clinical nutrition and specialized lab testing.  Consult Metabolix Health to discover how you can finally conquer your gut health misery. 

How YOU Can Benefit when you
Restore Your Gut Health

Learn how to make lifestyle changes, supplementation and dietary changes to radically restore gut health.

Brain Function

Often considered your second brain, restore gut health will improve brain fog, focus, memory, mood and other brain issues. Many clients come to us with these issues and we start with gut health and hormones.

Improved Energy

Your energy levels are a barometer for your health. Tired and sluggish no matter what your biological age is a sign of dysfunction and inflammation. As functional medicine experts, it is our specialty to unearth what is causing your dysfunction and this always includes restore gut health.

Better Metabolism

When you can better convert your food into energy and rid your body of waste products, you are going to have a more efficient metabolism that will help you lose unwanted pounds and clearer skin. You will enjoy better skin when you restore gut health. 

Learn How To Restore Gut Health For Increased Vitality

Articles covering topics from SIBO to Leaky Gut and every gut issue in between. This is a key specialty of ours at Metabolix Health.

Inspiring You To Restore Your Gut Health

Whether you are suffering with chronic constipation, SIBO type symptoms, reflux or any kind of digestive distress, you can find information and help on our blog to get you started on your health journey.

The Full Rundown On restore Gut Health

Gut health can be considered to be your most important system of your health. We have 10x more gut bacteria than we have cells in our bodies. Food intolerances, asthma, allergies, skin issues can all find their roots in your gut health. At Metabolix Health, we are dedicated to restore gut health alongside your hormones. We cannot separate systems. Functional Medicine is about getting to the root causes underlying your health issues.

Areas of your gut health that we cover include stomach issues, digestive pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, parasites, leaky gut, SIBO, stomach infections, heartburn, reflux, undigested food particles, autoimmunity, bile issues, liver problems and much more.

We run functional labs to review your microbiome but most importantly, we are trained to analyze all of the different gut lab testing available in the marketplace and exactly what all of the data really means for your health. We use different lab testing dependent on your history and key symptomatology. We may review your genetics alongside environmental factors that are contributing to your health. It is not always obvious and requires experience in functional medicine gained over a long period of time as well as technical training. We have both. Restore gut health is one of our specialties at Metabolix Health.

Healing your gut takes time and patience as you work with your health professional through the layers of required repair. By reviewing our articles on this website, you can understand more about how this wonderful miracle called your microbiome works, and what a functional medicine practitioner can do to help you restore your health.

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