Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a faulty insulin sensitivity system. Suppose you have tried almost every diet out there and are still carrying excess belly fat, feeling tired in the afternoon, craving after-dinner desserts at night, and not sleeping well. In that case, you are almost certainly insulin-resistant.  

Why It's hard to Lose Weight

We are all about ROOT CAUSE here at Metabolix Health.  And INSULIN RESISTANCE is the ROOT CAUSE of almost all weight loss or weight gain issues.  AND chronic health challenges….

But your doctor doesn’t talk about it. More to the point: they don’t even test for it.  And the DIET INDUSTRY definitely doesn’t want you to know about it. Imagine if this MASSIVE problem was solved with a SIMPLE life-changing program? 

How much money would those industries lose?  You figure out the Math.

We just want you to re-discover your health, your sexy figure hiding under those layers of belly fat and find yourself again. Stop the cravings, retrain your fat cells to communicate in a healthy way and lose weight permanently. 

How to conquer Cravings

Learn how to overcome your cravings forever with our program . Your brain is very sneaky and has been fooling you for years. 

Perhaps when you were a kid, you got away with it, but with a few decades behind you, you are no longer able to control the cravings or the weight that creeps up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

IMAGINE outsourcing your brain to chemicals that are absolutely running the show.  Well, let’s help you take back control.  

IMAGINE if you no longer craved food, or overcame your unhealthy relationship with food? Your life would be transformed forever just by learning how to take back control of your cravings. This is without tackling the many other parts of the coaching we offer our clients who join our insulin management program.  

When you suffer cravings, you simply overeat on the wrong foods and your metabolism breaks under the strain. 

Clare Kelway Functional Medicine practitioner

Lose Weight Permanently

This is a life transformation 1:1 coaching program combining functional medicine essentials with lifestyle, mindset and dietary coaching. No more dieting. No more cravings. No more money wasted on losing muscle and water weight that turns into more fat accumulation. 

While we love our clients to look and feel good, as a Functional Medicine practice, we are focused on the fat lining your vital organs. Because visceral fat lining your organs is the dangerous fat that leads to diabetes, brain neurological issues, and almost every disease. 

We will teach you to re-program your habits while continuing to live your life with family, work, friendships, and community.  And when you slip up, we are here to catch you.  This is a personalized program like nothing else. This is our specialty, and you are our FOCUS. 

With the right partnership and coaching, anyone can succeed and reverse years of misery and low quality health that your medical doctor thinks is fine.  The medical industry only works with you when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Why wait for that inevitability?  

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY CALL TODAY and discover what you have been searching for. 

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