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Our mission is to help women learn how to prevent chronic disease and enjoy optimal wellness. Below you will find our latest blog articles showcasing different aspects of functional medicine. We focus on how this systems model of medicine is the future of healthcare being delivered right here.

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Cholesterol:friend or foe from a functional medicine perspective

Cholesterol: Friend or Foe from a Functional Medicine Perspective?

What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is an essential molecule or raw material for the healthy functioning of your body.  Virtually every cell in the human body can make cholesterol, especially your liver and your brain – two areas of health in which we at Metabolix Health are particularly interested. Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance in […]

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functional medicine approach to pre-conception care

The functional approach to preconception care

The Functional Approach to Preconception Care Metabolix Health loves working with couples planning a first baby or perhaps returning to optimize their health before expanding their family to a second or third child.  Sometimes, partners have been trying for a family for several months or even longer than a year when they consult us.  They […]

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h pylori infection

The hidden risks of H. Pylori Infection

At Metabolix Health, we have helped hundreds of clients clear their h pylori infections with the power of functional medicine. Clients don’t usually consult us for h pylori. They come to us because they suffer from gut issues and other seemingly unrelated symptoms affecting their quality of life. But if h pylori infection is part […]

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drink more water to look amazing

Drink more water to look amazing and feel your best!

Are you frustrated by your dull, uneven skin tone and dark under-eye circles? What about daily headaches or brain fog? Or an overall feeling of sluggishness and lack of concentration? Drink more water to look fantastic and feel your best. It is time to get started because it’s the key to turning around your health!  […]

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