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Drink more water to look amazing and feel your best!

Frustrated by your dull and uneven skin tone and dark under eye circles?  What about daily headaches or brain fog? Or an overall feeling of sluggishness and lack of concentration? Drink more water to look amazing and feel your best. It is time to get started because it's the key to turning around your health!  […]

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5 Morning routine activities that will make you less stressed

Today we are discussing 5 morning routine activities that will make you less stressed.  We all know stress is out of control for most of us.  Do you feel that your day is out of control from the moment you wake up? Feeling anxious when you wake up really sets the tone for how you'll […]

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8 Tips For Better Fat Digestion

8 tips for better fat digestion - we have become obsessed with low-fat everything since the 80’s, but more recently there’s been a move toward high-fat everything, aka the Ketogenic diet. The Keto diet emphasizes eating healthy fats, while keeping carbs to a minimum. It’s designed to swap sugar (carb) burning for fat burning, with the […]

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How To Detox To Lose Weight And Gain Energy

Struggling to lose those extra 15 lbs. hanging around your belly? Just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what diet you follow or how few calories you consume? Today I am going to show you how to detox to lose weight and gain energy. These weight loss strategies will teach you the link between stubborn […]

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5 Menopause Detox Strategies To Feel Your Best

5 Menopause detox strategies to feel your best. Are hot flashes becoming a part of your daily life? Are you frustrated by the extra 15 lbs. of belly fat you’ve been trying to lose for the last 5 years? Has it been ages since you had a good night’s sleep? These issues have their origins in […]

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EMF Exposure In Your Home: what you need to know

Today I am going to share with you how to reduce EMF exposure in your home. Many people don’t even know this is a ‘thing’ that they should be concerned about for their health. What are EMFs? EMF means an electromagnetic field, which is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects.

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): how to easily elevate your winter mood

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is real. I moved from Australia to England on 1st November many years ago. Short, dark, cold days drove me to feeling depressed. I was exhausted and unhappy. After all, it gets dark at 3.30 pm in the middle of winter in London. I had no idea what was wrong. I […]

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5 common mineral deficiencies to watch out for

Did you know that most of us are suffering from mineral deficiencies due to minerally depleted soils and increased CO2 levels? Even organically grown crops and pasture-raised animals are mineral deficient. So you cannot eat your way to mineral health!   Magnesium, calcium, zinc, iodine and iron are the 5 most common mineral deficiencies you may experience. […]

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Fatty Acids for healthy metabolism, energy and weight management

Fatty acids for healthy metabolism, energy and weight management are key to your overall wellbeing. Are you dealing with skin allergies, lower back pain or heart palpitations? Maybe you can’t lose the extra 15 lbs. hanging around your middle? Or you’re having trouble getting pregnant? You might be surprised to learn that these are all […]

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