How Functional Medicine can help you conceive a healthy baby

Learn how functional lifestyle and specific nutrient interventions deliver a whole-body approach to a healthy pregnancy.

Preconception Care

At Metabolix Health, we take delight in helping couples prepare their bodies for pregnancy.  Our program encompasses removing the toxic burden, running specific lab tests to ensure all is biochemically well, and adding in specific nutrients to enhance egg quality and sperm production. 

How YOU Can Benefit From Functional preconception Care

At Metabolix Health we cover male fertility preparation, female fertility preparation, stress reduction, mind-body techniques, sleep, and reducing toxins in your environment as part of our preconception package.

Reduce stress

Our programs will help you to reduce stress which is critical for a healthy pregnancy.

Safe detox

Our programs will help you to reduce toxins within your environment and help you to cleanse yourself and your partner of toxins in preparation for conception.

Male fertility

At least 50% of cases of fertility issues today are related to male infertility. We have specific programs designed to help men improve their fertility.

Optimize your protein metabolism for pregnancy

We cover PCOS, hormone imbalances, stress, nutrition deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, and how these issues can impact your fertility.

Inspiring you to a healthy pregnancy and birth

A healthy pregnancy doesn’t just happen by chance. Pregnancy preparation can have long-term impacts on the health of your future child.

The Full Rundown On Preconception Care

The functional medicine approach to preconception care is about focusing on your health and your partner’s health so you can grow a healthy human being together. We recommend joining our program at least 6 months before you want to start “trying” for a family.

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