Learn How The Mineral Spark Plugs May Be The Missing Link To Your Vitality

Minerals are often forgotten about in medicine but they are vital for your health.


Minerals act as “the spark plugs” of your health – they alter electrical currents to create nerve impulses throughout your body. Minerals act as cofactors for enzyme reactions. Your body can’t make minerals – you have to get them from your food but today’s soils are generally depleted. This means that most of us need additional mineral supplementation in order to get the right components for optimal health. This is why working with a functionally trained health professional is so important. You need a partner to optimize your health today. Don’t leave it to chance.

Learn Why You Need Minerals For Optimal Health

You may be recommended different mineral products at various stages of your life but if these recommendations are not based on holistic health principles, they can be detrimental to your health. More is not better when it comes to minerals. Minerals work as a synergistic community within you.

Stronger Bones

Calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and potassium are some of the key minerals needed for healthy bone health. Work with a clinical nutrition expert who understands how cofactors and minerals synergize together. 

Proper Nerve Function

Specific minerals keep your nerves healthy especially potassium and sodium. This keeps anxiety and fear at bay. Your adrenal glands (stress glands) depend on healthy mineral levels.

Healthy Thyroid

Your thyroid depends on several minerals to stay healthy including zinc, copper, and selenium. Before taking a med to increase your thyroid production, test your thyroid function. 

Learn More About Specific Minerals And Why They Are Essential To Your Health

From calcium to manganese and everything in between – minerals activate more than 20,000 enzymes in the body.

Inspiring You To Learn More About Minerals And Their Vital Role In Your Health

Minerals form one of the key foundations of your health. We are passionate about teaching you the importance of minerals and their balance in your body. You can start learning by reading our evidence-based articles here.

The Full Rundown On Minerals

Minerals are essential which means that our bodies don’t make them. 4% of our bodies are made up of minerals. Minerals act as coenzymes to carry out normal physiological functions. Out of the 103 known minerals, at least 22 minerals are necessary for good health.

Minerals are what remain as ash when plants or animal tissues are burned. They come from the earth, and will eventually return to the earth. Macro minerals include calcium – the most abundant mineral in our body, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, chloride and sulfur. Some of these are electrolytes which means that they hold an electrical charge – positive or negative and maintain the balance of fluid inside and outside of your cells.

Many health challenges that clients consult us for involve mineral deficiencies. Gut health dysfunction can be related to mineral deficiencies. Hormone health imbalances can be related to mineral deficiencies. Metabolism challenges can be related to mineral deficiencies. So whatever you are struggling with, consult us for an indepth look at what are the underlying causes. Your doctor will offer you medication – a medication to cover up the symptoms but this is always a short term relief. It may even worsen your health long -term due to the possible delay in getting the right treatment and the side effects of the medications given.

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