How Functional Medicine can help you experience a smooth menopause journey

Avoid the rollercoaster hormonal chaos of unwanted weight gain, brain fog and energy crashes.


It’s no secret that we live in a toxic world. From the food we eat, to the water we drink and the air we breathe, the toxic burden is everywhere. This is a leading contributor to chronic illness and health struggles. At Metabolix Health, we are experts in detoxing mycotoxins (mold), heavy metals and toxins made in your gut from bad bacteria in a safe and orderly manner. We will help you optimize your detox pathways for ongoing health and vitality.

How Can You Learn To Love Not Dread Menopause

At Metabolix Health we love to work with women in their peri-menopause and menopause transitions and beyond. Functional medicine truly shines for women facing these changes, it is a client-centric model of health. The first thing I often hear from clients is that “I am exercising just as much, and I am eating a healthy diet but I am gaining weight in places I have never seen before – HELP!”

Regain libido

By addressing hormone drops of estrogen and progesterone, and balancing all over systems, you can enjoy renewed libido.

Reduce hot flashes and menopause vasodilation

Lifestyle changes and improvements in diet and overall health can alleviate these symptoms.

Enjoy a great night’s sleep

Your circadian rhythm is controlled by specific hormone fluctuations and what happens in the day directly impacts your sleep causing you to wake at 2 am and struggle to stay asleep.

Learn how to address hormone imbalances, gut health and metabolism issues of menopause

Read our articles on menopause metabolism, how to improve your libido, maintain bone health, deal with vasolidation issues in menopause, what diet to follow for you and much more.

From The Podcast

Listen to our podcast to learn how you can correct the hormone rollercoaster of perimenopause and menopause, how to detox to keep toxins at bay and improve gut health for greater immunity.

Inspiring you to thrive during menopause and beyond

Working with Metabolix Health, we help you to switch to a nutrient-dense diet that can improve bone health and hormone health. Read our articles to learn more about menopause, hormone health and functional health diets.

The Full Rundown On Menopause


Menopause is about more than a drop in estrogen, and this is why we don’t prescribe to the philosophy that you can alleviate all symptoms by just taking bio-identical hormones. We do help women with hormone augmentation where appropriate. We are evidence-based and rely upon your medical history, specific functional medicine lab testing along with your current symptoms.

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