Longevity & Aging

Extending longevity, elevating performance and sharpening your mental acuity are central to our longevity and healthy aging programs. Our programs incorporate exercise, diet, mindset, subconscious habits, lifestyle interventions and chronic illness reversal. Customized to your unique needs.

What is Longevity?

Longevity is not only about living a long life but much more important a life of purpose, health and vitality without physical pain.  Life is not meant to be lived forever, but the quality of the life we choose to live is an absolute mission I am driven to fulfill for myself and my clients.  I want to live a vibrant, cerebral, active life without fear of chronic illness and years of struggle. If you read my story: I have already been there and do not intend to return to that place. I lost years of my youth to chronic illness. Now that I am in my middle years, I am seeking to embrace athletic strength and insulin sensitivity which you already know drives so much of our physical health. 


InflammAging is the combination of aging and inflammation. As we age, inflammation increases even without injury or specific infections.

Factors that are related to inflammAging include:

Lifestyle: (always involved with health) including sleep, movement, dietary habits and emotional habits. 

Gut Dysbiosis: imbalances in the gut microbiota. 

Immune Dysfunction: as we age, our immune system changes and can cause ongoing chronic low-grade immune issues. 

Insulin Resistance: when our insulin and blood sugar are not communicating effectively, causing the build up of toxins in fat cells, and weight loss resistance. 

Oxidative Stress: optimizing our antioxidant defense mechanism. 

Cellular Senescence: the process by which our cells no longer divide and function properly. 

healthy lifestyle for longevity

Longevity & Healthy Aging

Our Longevity and Healthy Aging program is for YOU if you have graduated from our Essentials or Insulin Management program and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

If you qualify, we accept clients directly into the Longevity and Healthy Aging program. We first run a Functional Health Assessment to evaluate your current health baseline. 

Functional Medicine Essentials is our clinical program that helps our clients with chronic conditions, including autoimmunity, gut dysbiosis, hormone issues, blood sugar imbalance, brain health challenges, food intolerance and allergies, infertility, and other health challenges. 

Our Insulin Reset program is our blood sugar and insulin resetting program to restore insulin sensitivity and re-program our fat cells to release toxins and metabolize effectively. 

Our Longevity and Healthy Aging program is an optimal bio-aging program that adjusts as research, biological aging, and life events happen. 

If you want to work with a professional partner who is living this process, is focused and dedicated to your longevity and preventative healthcare, schedule your complimentary health strategy session

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