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Optimize your metabolism with virtual Functional Medicine services United States-wide: we deliver cutting-edge natural hormone balance, gut health restoration, and advanced detox solutions to reverse insulin resistance and weight gain. Our in-depth functional health approach combines decades of experience in chronic health conditions. We run functional lab testing to assess hormones, gut health, and metabolism (liver health, kidney health, carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism). We review your current health symptoms and the timeline of defining life events. We offer customized natural health solutions. 

Our Mission and Vision


Optimize metabolism with latest clinical detox solutions that restore the body's innate intelligence for optimal living.


Deliver innovative metabolism solutions to restore vitality in a timely manner.

Our Core

Values Of Care


At Metabolix Health, we believe in the bio-individuality of each person. One single diet plan doesn’t fit everyone and a weekend cleanse won't restore balance. In bio-individuality, we recognize each person will differ in their nutritional needs and ability to follow a proven path to health. We are each unique in our chemistry, personal goals and needs. We deliver bio-individual functional medicine services.

Food is Medicine

Food is the original form of medicine, keeping our bodies healthy and functioning throughout our lives. In ancient healing traditions, food was considered the first line of defense against illness and disease. At Metabolix Health, we use natural medicine to nourish the body, while incorporating advanced detox solutions to restore the microbiome, liver function and other systems of the body. Removing barriers to optimal health. We will coach you on creating healthy eating habits.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Use of the best available evidence in functional medicine as our chosen methods of treatment. Our programs are based on the training and experience of the Metabolix Health team. Care programs are designed with your collaboration and participation. You are your own best advocate for your health. Our training and teaching is directed at helping our clients become educated in leading their health journey.

The Potential To Heal

The ability to heal naturally is not new or novel. A fractured bone will regrow and heal the break. Cut yourself shaving, and the skin will heal. There are many examples of our body's innate ability to heal injuries. At Metabolix Health, we empirically know and believe that you can improve your health naturally. The ability to heal is intrinsic to all multicellular organisms. The capacity for self-healing is inherent in all of us and critical to our survival.

Continuous Improvement

Our team at Metabolix Health believes in continuous improvement and lifelong learning. We attend conferences, participate in further education, study the latest clinical advancements in detox, hormones and gut. This is our passion and we actively live this lifestyle. Health is a balanced state of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being.

Collaboration as a Team

Restoring health is a collaborative partnership between the Metabolix Health team, the client and other therapists the client may be consulting. Mutual respect is key to successful outcomes. No one particular intervention determines success but the collaborative and collective solutions of the team. Functional Medicine is a team sport that requires many facets to bring about biology and quantum systems balance.

Clare Kelway Author

Clare Kelway

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Metabolix Health Clinical Director, Clare Kelway BS DIHom AADP BCHN is recognized as an expert in functional metabolism. She is a  Functional Medicine practitioner with decades of experience in natural health solutions.  She specializes in optimizing your metabolism, hormones, and gut health. Her own health turnaround in her 30s led to her career in functional medicine. She is the Founder of Metabolix Health, a virtual functional medicine practice in Erie, Colorado. A lifelong learner and researcher, her passion is helping clients reverse their health issues in the simplest way. She is a candid, direct communicator who clients often refer to as a “breath of fresh air”. She champions their journeys and says her reward is watching her clients restore their health and regain their vitality for life. 

Testimonials From Clients

“Thank you for giving me your hand at a time when all other doors of medicine were closed!”

Thank you for giving me your hand at a time when all other doors of medicine were closed! Thank you for giving me back my sleep at night, and the insomnia is already in the distant past! I’m so happy that I just wake up every day with a smile and hope like it’s Christmas.

People who sleep peacefully at night have no idea how lucky they are! Thank you for the fact that dizziness, fatigue, and depression are behind me and most of all thank you for being by my side. I know that I am not alone this time. I know it will be long, I know it will involve many trials and I will be taking lots of supplements, but I know, for the first time in my life, that this is the right path and I will take every step with you.

Thank you, Clare, you are my guardian angel!

Dina V.

“After seeing several doctors and receiving the wrong diagnosis, I gave up on regular doctors.”

After seeing several doctors and receiving the wrong diagnosis, I gave up on “regular doctors.” A friend suggested I see Clare and my life hasn’t been the same since! Clare discovered the “skin issue” that I had been struggling with. As we dug through the layers of my health we built a friendship. While I was ready to give up on everyone and everything, Clare never gave up on me. She pressed on to find answers and products to help me. She taught me about nutrition, health, supplements, and how to care for my family naturally. My 10-year-old is also a client. With some minor diet changes and supplements, he has been off of ADHD medication for a year. My case is very challenging and I am not healed yet, but I’m better than I used to be and every day I move one step in a positive direction to get my life back.

Laura R.

“From the first moment Clare exuded empathy and a real desire to help me realize my health goals."

From the moment Clare appeared on the screen during our virtual appointment, she exuded empathy and an earnest desire to help me realize my health goals. She confidently conveyed how she could help me regain my menstrual cycle and manage my anxiety and insomnia.

Through key lab tests, Clare discovered the biological root cause of my symptoms and not only gave me several supplements to balance hormones and replenish depleted nutrient stores but also encouraged some critical lifestyle changes. She delivers her advice with such compassion! I’ve been on my protocol for a month and a half now and feel better than I ever have in my adult life. I’m so grateful for the steady energy and mood that I can count on throughout the day.

Suzzane R.